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Solar PPA

Provident has a PPA product option that will allow you to purchase solar energy at a low, predictable rate without having to worry about the maintenance or performance of your solar panels.

Solar Purchase

Own your system and your savings for life, while avoiding rising energy costs.
We get it. Many people like to own. Purchase your own system and own your own savings for life with Providents finance options. That’s a lot of “owns.” But for people who love that, the benefits are clear.

Battery Backup

Keep the energy you produce and use it when electricity rates are highest or during a power outage.
Provident offers you clean, safe, reliable backup power, optimizes your savings, and keeps your home running during power outages. Get it today!

Keep The Lights On

With Battery Backup

Automatic back-up during outages. Protection from peak utility rates.
 Locked-In electricity rates for 25 years.

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